Numerology For Babies

Numerology Product

Numerology For Babies

We determine the baby's name number and nakshatra syllable based on the strong planet.

  • What do we offer in Numerology For Babies ?
  • As an alternative, please send us your preferred name choices, and we will provide you with a list of names from which you can select.
  • You do whatsapp the entire details and name can be selected for your baby very easily
  • With the birth details we will check the nakshatra and give you the syllable
  • You can check 10 names and send it to us for analysis
  • We will analyse the name with initials
How to buy ?

How to purchase the product

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After you've paid, send a screenshot of your payment together with your birth details Whatsapp no 892566249 .


What you have to give us?

Date :

Time :

Names you like:

Place of birth : (It should be accurate, not approximate, if you do not know any of the three details, please mention it below)


Assurances from us

No software is used generate the report

All the questions are personally answered by the astrologer

Delivery Instruction - Once you place the order, the astrologer will message you the consultation timings through email. He will inform you of the feasible timings. At the appointed time, the consultation will take place.