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A shani peyarchi is very important in a person's life, as it determines a person's career. Know about your saturn transit with astrologer anjaneya in a consultation..

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2022 Annual Astrology Prediction

If you're prepared and recognize what's coming sooner rather than later, you'll be better off.You can speak with the astrologer and more ...

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Get your destiny unraveled using your natal horoscope. Only astrology can help you to understand the pattern of your life.

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As per the Hindu scriptures our name, destiny and life path is connected. All three are intertwined in Hinduism.

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Our E - Patashala mainly implies in teaching all the mantras with proper application for everyday use, making everyone remember and teaching them properly without any compromise.

Rituals are not only celebrated during life but continue after death, including burial and cremation practices

These priceless texts were passed on to several generations through oral narration.


Our E-Patashala : From the heart of God the Mantras came out...